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Getting More Out of Your Epic Activity Codes

February 26, 2020
epic optimization

Thankfully, Epic’s Account Activities can help drive productivity performance, improve productivity measurement, and provide a quality component to increase transparency with staff. Below is a breakdown of design considerations to be leveraged when completing an activity code build/enhancement in Epic to further drive productivity performance and reporting. Epic Activity Code Tip #1 – Determine what to measure. There are a lot of different ways to measure productivity in a business office including total touches, number of unique accounts, and accounts resolved. Understanding what you want to measure and hold team members accountable for will help drive the design of your … Read more

Revenue Cycle Reporting – Refocusing on Quality over Quantity

January 8, 2020

Do you feel like you have too many reports?  Do you feel like your teams measure the same things in different ways?  Revenue Cycle reporting and analytic solutions can take many shapes and sizes in today’s healthcare industry.  Some organizations leverage comprehensive reporting solutions that have the capability to provide self-service reporting and analytics tools while others rely on manually generated reports and queries from an IT group.   Regardless of the approach, the purpose is the same: align operational objectives with clear metrics to measure progress and provide data to support decision making processes.  As a revenue cycle leader, these … Read more

Kicking the Tires on Vendor Management: The Basic Questions to Ask

November 19, 2019

Vendors are an integral part of every revenue cycle solution. From software/technology to outsourcing/AR management – and everything in between. In an ideal world – vendors would run autonomously and produce expected results without management or oversight. Unfortunately, this is not the case – and if not managed effectively, can end up being costly from several angles: resources and time, patient satisfaction / customer service, and financial performance. While vendor management is a broad and extensive subject, this article is going to focus on managing the basics of a subset almost all organizations are leveraging to some degree, outsourcing and AR … Read more

Black Holes the Watchlist Doesn’t Even Know About

October 21, 2019

What’s more dangerous than a black hole of accounts not assigned for anyone to work? A population of accounts that appear as if they are assigned, but are not being managed at all. This is what we call an “invisible black hole”. This might seem like a rare or abstract concept, but these are actually easier to create than one might think, and the more complex the system – the more likely they are to occur. Here are a few (of the many) ways these can occur: Someone leaves the organization and their workqueue (WQ) is not reassigned/inactivated Someone is … Read more

Getting the Most from Your Interim Revenue Cycle Leader

October 8, 2019

Some people view an interim leader as a stop gap between an outgoing revenue cycle leader and the next leader to fill the permanent role; someone to manage the day-to-day and maintain performance. We would contend that, in the Revenue Cycle space, interim leaders should also have the experience and skillsets needed to rapidly identify and execute changes to improve performance.  Despite the need for interims to drive value, many times interim revenue cycle leaders maintain performance at best.  Below are a few ideas to get the most out of your choice for interim revenue cycle leadership: Before bringing in an interim … Read more

Keeping an Eye on the Watch List – Epic Tips & Tricks

July 29, 2019

Customization in Epic is a blessing and a curse.  If you can get it right, it can drive reporting and workflows that far exceed functionality of other EMR platforms.  When it goes wrong, it can result in information overload and cumbersome workflows that kill productivity and put accounts at risk.  One underutilized reporting feature that is highly customizable within Epic is the Watch List. In this month’s blog, we’ll discuss the flexibility of the Watch List, how it can best be used, and common pitfalls of Watch List development.   Watch List – Overview and flexibility The Watch List is a … Read more

3 Factors that Reduce the Accuracy of Your Hospital’s Cost Estimation

July 1, 2019
hospital cost estimations

Price transparency has become a major topic of discussion within healthcare. To offer greater transparency, healthcare providers can use products to automatically estimate a patient’s liability prior to service. However, the accuracy of the estimate is what truly provides transparency and allows patients to make informed decisions.

Do You Really Know Your AR?

May 27, 2019

Cliff Notes Much of what we consider our accounts receivable will never be collected Inaccurate variance logic will continually over/under represent AR Hospitals need to evaluate the likelihood of a positive outcome and ensure staff work corresponding populations Vendors should be utilized solely on a performance basis to collect on aged AR What is my AR, really? In-house unbilled, discharged not final billed (DNFB), follow-up, variance, denials, self-pay, bad debt. These are all populations that impact the accounts receivable (AR). However, do we ever stop and ask what is the likelihood of collecting on an account? Is the balance that … Read more

Addressing the Hidden Issues of Automated Cash Posting

April 29, 2019

15-20 years ago, the cash posting unit of a hospital was one of the larger units within the business office.  Lots of man hours were needed each day to organize and manually post paper checks/remits from the wide variety of payers in the marketplace.  Staff in these positions had to understand how the keystrokes they completed impacted the remaining accounts receivable after a payment was posted, along with the many differences in how each payer processed (and paid) on claims.  Is this a full payment? Partial Payment? Denial? Does the remaining balance need to move to the next payer or … Read more

Are Your Epic HB Workqueues Broken? Here’s How to Fix Them

March 25, 2019
Are your epic HB workqueues broken? Here's how to fix them.

Workqueues (WQs), worklists, spreadsheets, reports. They are all trying to help us answer the same question. What accounts should we work and in what priority? How frequently is your PFS management team asking staff to re-sort their workqueues, work off spreadsheets for special projects, or work through a stack of paper denials? Workqueue build in Epic is one of the most critical pieces of your install and ongoing maintenance. After all, these are the primary workdrivers for your exception-based workflows. But are you really working the exceptions? Are your workqueues setup as effectively as you’ve been led to believe?