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Pinnacle Healthcare Advisors, Inc., is a consulting firm focused exclusively on providing revenue cycle transformation solutions to healthcare providers.

Our primary objective at Pinnacle is to design and implement sustainable improvements that will result in a return on investment (ROI) for you, our clients.

We founded Pinnacle with the belief that your people are at the core of everything you do and that developing them is the most important aspect of driving sustainable improvements in organizational performance.

Our revenue cycle solutions impact both quantitative and qualitative indicators…

    • Net revenue
    • Cash flow
    • Operating expenses
    • Customer service
    • Productivity
    • Patient throughput
    • Data integrity

Our Core Tenets

We strive to fully leverage existing information system capabilities to meet end-user needs.

We utilize fewer, more seasoned resources on our project teams which means greater expertise and less disruption to daily operations.

Although we have a methodical approach, solutions are always customized to meet the specific needs of each organization we partner with.

We collaborate with hospital leadership and staff on solution development to ensure buy-in and provide them with the tools and skills needed to sustain results long after we leave.

We are transparent in everything we do, and you will see our results translate into bottom line and cash flow improvements.

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