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About Kevin Blanchard

Kevin is a Director at Pinnacle Healthcare Advisors. He has over 14 years of experience guiding clients through front-end to back-end revenue cycle improvements and Epic HB go-live and post-live optimizations.Click here to meet the other members of the Pinnacle Leadership Team

Case Study – Christus St. Vincent


The Challenge-CSV completed an Epic EMR conversion thirteen months prior to the Pinnacle engagement where they modeled the design after a separate, larger hospital, within the healthcare system.  As opposed to the 2-year design and 3-6-month stabilization that typically accompanies an EMR implementation, CSV received limited hands on training to learn the inherited EMR system.  As a result, account flow within the system was not clearly understood, resulting in broken workflows, inaccurate [...]

Case Study – Christus St. Vincent2020-10-05T08:51:52-04:00

Getting More Out of Your Epic Activity Codes


Productivity.  The mere mention of the word elicits a variety of reactions throughout a business office.  How we measure and drive productivity can have a significant impact on metric performance, as well as team morale. Topics such as how to measure multiple actions taken on an account, accounts worked numerous times each day, complex vs. straightforward account populations, and group vs. individual productivity standards are just some of the issues that need to [...]

Getting More Out of Your Epic Activity Codes2020-10-09T16:12:36-04:00

Keeping an Eye on the Watch List – Epic Tips & Tricks


Customization in Epic is a blessing and a curse.  If you can get it right, it can drive reporting and workflows that far exceed functionality of other EMR platforms.  When it goes wrong, it can result in information overload and cumbersome workflows that kill productivity and put accounts at risk.  One underutilized reporting feature that is highly customizable within Epic is the Watch List. In this month’s blog, we’ll discuss the flexibility [...]

Keeping an Eye on the Watch List – Epic Tips & Tricks2020-08-19T16:59:42-04:00

Do You Really Know Your AR?


Cliff Notes Much of what we consider our accounts receivable will never be collectedInaccurate variance logic will continually over/under represent ARHospitals need to evaluate the likelihood of a positive outcome and ensure staff work corresponding populationsVendors should be utilized solely on a performance basis to collect on aged AR What is my AR, really? In-house unbilled, discharged not final billed (DNFB), follow-up, variance, denials, self-pay, bad debt. These are all populations that [...]

Do You Really Know Your AR?2020-08-19T08:55:24-04:00

Top 5 Missed Epic Revenue Cycle Optimization Opportunities


Epic is a platform within the healthcare industry which generates a strong love/hate relationship.  On one hand, it centralizes information and opens communication across the provider spectrum. On the other hand, many supposed efficiency gains are bogged down in tedious workflows while promised reporting transparency remains unavailable or hidden in a mountain of reporting options which may all yield different results.  Five examples of underutilized Epic functionality that revenue cycle leadership should [...]

Top 5 Missed Epic Revenue Cycle Optimization Opportunities2020-10-09T16:15:51-04:00

Are Your Epic HB Workqueues Broken? Here’s How to Fix Them


Workqueues (WQs), worklists, spreadsheets, reports. They are all trying to help us answer the same question. What accounts should we work and in what priority? How frequently is your PFS management team asking staff to re-sort their workqueues, work off spreadsheets for special projects, or work through a stack of paper denials? Workqueue build in Epic is one of the most critical pieces of your install and ongoing maintenance. After all, these are the primary workdrivers for your exception-based workflows. But are you really working the exceptions? Are your workqueues setup as effectively as you’ve been led to believe?

Are Your Epic HB Workqueues Broken? Here’s How to Fix Them2020-08-19T16:59:34-04:00
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