Get the Most Value from the Technology You Already Own

Think your existing technology platform can’t support your needs? Don’t be so sure. Before you buy add-on technologies or switch platforms, step back and take a look. At Pinnacle Healthcare Advisors, we have helped hospitals like yours avoid new expenditures by teaching them how to leverage existing electronic health record (EHR) functionality to solve problems.

What We've Found:

  • Over the past several years, most hospitals have each invested tens to hundreds of millions of dollars in EHR platforms, yet many of them are not taking full advantage of EHR functionality to drive optimal revenue cycle performance
  • “Bolt-on” applications or external vendor solutions are often redundant and disconnected from the core EHR, resulting in unnecessary expenditures and redundancies
  • By focusing on core system optimization, hospitals can often eliminate bolt-on applications and improve both quantitative and qualitative results

There are numerous opportunities to drive improved performance through your EHR. Key areas we typically focus on include new or enhanced:

Management Reporting

Clinical Documentation Templates

Work Drivers



Optimizing Your Technology Leads to Improved Results

Quantitative Results

Qualitative Results

Case in Point - Denials Management

Meditech Optimization - Pinnacle Healthcare Advisors

Functionality Gap

One Pinnacle customer - a community hospital - uses Meditech for their EHR platform, but they did not have processes and tools in place to effectively manage denials.